Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pattaya Rocks

I have no regrets about going to Pattaya for the March Break. In fact, I now think Pattaya is great. Return airfare for me and my girlfriend was about $125 CDN. Pattaya has any kind of food you could possbily want. You can also combine beach laziness and great nightlife.

We went to this really nice seafood restaurant quite a few times. It's on Walking Street and it's a good place to warm up.

The party never stops in Pattaya.

It's 5 pm somewhere.

Please refer back to the China post to confirm that she is my girlfriend and not a hooker.

This is Jomtien beach. It only has 10% of the sleaze of Pattaya beach and it's only ten minutes away by Baht bus.

Peace out Pattaya

Our return flight departed at 7:00am, so we figured we'd just party until about 3:00am and then catch a taxi to the airport. Upon reflection, that was a bad idea and next time I won't be so cheap and get afternoon tickets.