Thursday, June 11, 2009

ICPU 54th Graduation Ceremony

Here I am at ICPU's 54th graduation ceremony. This is my 6th grad at Taylor's. This semester there were so many graduates that we had to have a morning and afternoon session. This is the first time I didn't "suit up" for a grad. The reason is that I lent my suit to an unemployed individual for a job interview. I always do kind stuff like that;) Anyway, I forgot I lent it to him and therefore have not requested the return of the suit. Actually, some friends of mine picked up some good suits in Bangkok for about $100, so I think I'll just wait for my next trip to Thailand to get some new ones.

Graduation day signals the end of another semester and the start of another holiday. According to my experience, it takes at least one week to overcome the post traumatic stress the semester.

Congratulations to all the ICPU grads!

Monday, June 08, 2009

ICPU Prom Shots

Here are some images of ICPU teachers from last night's prom. I'll probably add more photos as I get them.

PD Day

I volunteered to co-facilitate a workshop with Ms. Hacker as part of a professional development day for teachers from a local secondary school. The theme of the day was student-centered learning. Our workshop focussed on cooperative learning.

The workshop in action.

They gave me an eight gig thumb drive as a thank you gift. Awesome!

This group was very active and eager to participate. More than 100 people attended.

After the workshop, I had tea with the school administration. I was asked two different times if I was married or not. I later found out that they were inquiring because they had daughters of marriagble age. If I'm ever single again I'm definitely going to sign up to host more of these workshops.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Period One

Period One

Siva and Victor.

This is Dhushan.

Manpreet and Mr. Saint

Good luck at Schulich Nikky. Thanks for the high quality pictures.