Friday, September 14, 2007

Legal Action

This photo is titled, "Irish Yoga".

A great friend of mine had a lawyer in China write a letter to her former employer threatening legal action for giving her a bad reference. I actually laughed out loud when I read it. If you know who this is about then you'll have a good laugh too. Way to go baby!

This is an English translation of part of the letter, so please excuse the Chinglish.

Your School employed ****** as teacher of your school, and you two party terminated the employment relation recently. ******* applied for jobs to other international schools in Shanghai after the termination of your employment relation. Other international schools inquire your school about performance of ****** in your school. The relationship between your school and ******* was limited to employment. However, your school provided much information concerning ******* that had no relation with her performance in your school, among which some were inaccurate, exacerbate, or not true, e.g. your school declared that she was totally alcoholic dependent, and your school had send her back to Canada for treatment of alcoholic dependent, which incurred other international schools not to employ *******.

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