Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lightning Strikes

I was having a romantic RM 4 chicken kebab dinner with the person mentioned in the Valentine's post. We were just joking around and talking. Then all of a sudden BOOM! My house got hit by a tomahawk missile. It was the loudest bang I ever heard in my life and the entire room lit up behind my back. My friend was facing it and kind of looked like someone punched her really hard when it happened.

It turns out that the C.I.A. hasn't found me yet. My apartment just got struck by Malaysian lightning, which is about ten times louder than Canadian lightning. My friend says that it must have stuck just a few feet from my balcony. That bolt of lightning set off every car alarm in the neighbourhood.

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roxsta pam said...

hahaha.....not MALAYSIAN thunder i say...but KL thunder....they are pretty scary..back home.....sumwhere i am from (a state in Msia-Perak) isnt that bad......its like all the normal ordinary thunder...but the wan in SJ scares me...till had to hide unda ma blanket!!! *winx* hahax!!!