Thursday, December 21, 2006

Amazing Golf

I went to the driving range and the local pro put on quite a demo. He’s a South African dude. Earlier in the week, one of his assistants told me to go to another driving range to watch this guy do a trick shot demo. He told me some pretty cool things that the pro can do. He also claimed that this guy is the world’s #3 long distance driver. My google searches haven’t been able to confirm this.

Anyways, the pro was giving lessons to two older dudes while I was hacking away beside them. At the end of the lesson, the pro put on a mini show for his clients.

It’s important to note that golf here is measured in metres instead of yards.


Club: Appeared to be a putter (No tee). However, upon further inspection it’s a modified club. He replaced the head of an iron with a hammer head. From looking at this thing, it would have been easier to use a putter.

Distance: 150m

Control: He duffed a few shots, but he was just warming up.


Club: A regular iron. However he attached a steering wheel to the top of the grip. It resembled an upside-down microphone stand. He held only the steering wheel.

Distance: Easily 150 metres.

Control: He was hitting the 150 metre green easily. I don’t know if he was going for distance or accuracy.


CLUB: Driver's grip with no shaft. The shaft is replaced by a bicycle chain. The end of the chain is attached to the head of a driver.

Distance: Unknown. I couldn’t see it well, but the few people who were watching gasped.

Control: He did the shot about three times. Each time he made solid contact. After, he went into the store for a minute and some of the people watching tried to use it. It’s absolutely impossible.


Club: Just a plain old driver. He just let loose. I made sure to stand as close as I could and measure the distance.
Distance: Unknown. No one could see how far it went. Some people tried to adjust their position for a better look. He said, “You won’t see it.” It was simply too far to see.

Control: Needless to say, I’ve never seen someone hit a ball with as much power. I can only assume that the ball went where he wanted it to go.

FINAL TRICK SHOT (He only did this once)

With the same driver in his hand, he got on his knees and said, “What really takes people’s breath away is when you can hit a ball 350m like this.”

On his knees with the same driver, he nailed the ball on his first try. He seemed satisfied with the shot, so I’ll assume it went 350m like he said it would.

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Ryan A said...

That shit sounds crazy! should videotape that shit and throw it up on youtube. Anyways Merry Christmas dude...ttyl